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Fujiiryoki FJ-4600

Fujiiryoki FJ-4600

•14 sets of automated massage programs (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Deep Massage): This massage chair has a variety of massages to choose from, allowing maximum selection options at the touch of your fingers.
•Customizable massages: By using combinations of different massage techniques, you can personalize your own massage to accurately fix those problematic areas.
•3D pinpoint massage feature: The massage feature allows the machine to replicate a realistic massage experience at the ‘hands’ of the machine.
•In-depth massage: Our massage provide an experience that goes beyond the acupressure experience.
•Adjustable functions: You can adjust levels of intensities such as the massage strength, air pressure, and timer.
•32 air bags: This massage chair provides an intense air bag massage with its many air bags positioned in strategic places.
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