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Product Features 
Brand: LiveTech
Model: JLA1336-E4
Highlight Features: Minimal Electronics Components Elimate Computing Errors. Hassle Free different from other brands
Body Design: Seamless Stainless Steel, Satin Finish
Power Rating: 110-120V/60Hz (USA&CANADA standard)
General Input Power: 263W (260W+2*1.5W)
Motor Input Power: 260W (130W+130W)
Number of Motor: 2
Motor Type: Single Chamber Ultra Quiet
4 Speed Display Touch
Air Flow: 385CFM/575CM/785CFM/1000CFM
Fan Type: Centrifugal Squirrel Cag
Certified by ETL Compliance with US and Canada Safety Standards
One year Parts warranty
Control Type:
Touch Sensitive Electronic Control Panel with heat sensor
Noise Level: 1.5Sone (46dB)/3.5Sone (58dB)/5.3Sone(64dB)/7.5Sone(69d B)
Filtration Type: Stainless Steel Baffle, Filter
Illumination: 1.5 W GU 10 LED light
Venting Size: Top, 8 Inches Round- If your condition is different from 8 inches, you may find the converter in local stores, like HomeDepot, Menard, etc.
Parts Supplied: Baffle Filte
LiveTech JLA-1336

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